Mr. Johnny Saad

Group Chief Executive Officer - Crystal Networks Holding, Beirut, Lebanon

Johnny Saad is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Crystal Networks Holding and the chairman of several other companies across various sectors. Being CEO and holding over 25 years of experience, Saad is able to lead a managerial team that ensures to accomplish Crystal Networks Holding’s strategic vision of providing professional support for customers in acquiring better control and security over their IT environment while expanding into new markets.
Saad began his career in 1993 in KSA in the domain of plastic machinery and raw material trading where he later became the sole representative for major international vendors including DOW Chemicals and Borealis. As a result of being an investor in a wide range of differentiated sectors, Saad was able to diversify his business portfolio especially in the IT industry in KSA, which was when he founded Crystal Networks in 2006.
Later in 2007, he further expanded his portfolio by becoming a shareholder at Masaahat, a leading company in the Saudi market, particulary in the field of marketing and events. In 2014, Saad chose to integrate Crystal Networks Holding as part of Holcom Group, one of the biggest IT groups in the Middle East. Today, Crystal Networks Holding owns affiliates in several countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia (Jeddah and Riyadh) and Lebanon and aims to further expand into other areas in the MENA region.

Mr. Esper Choueiry

General Manager - Crystal Networks, Beirut, Lebanon

Esper Choueiry is the co-founder and general manager of Crystal Networks, a system integrator specializing in building and securing data and voice networks, servicing customers in Lebanon and the MEA.
In 2003, Choueiry earned the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certificate and was among the first to earn this technical certification in Lebanon.Before starting Crystal Networks in 2005, he had mounted his experience by working as a senior consultant where he was exposed to large scale and prime projects across the globe.
In 2014, he successfully drove his company, Crystal Networks, towards a strategic alliance with Holcom, Middle East leading IT Group.
Esper is also a part time teacher of Information Security at the University Saint Joseph (USJ-ESIB) and holds a Master Degree in Networks and Telecommunication.

Mr. Toufic Matta

Group Chief Financial Officer - Crystal Networks Holding, Beirut, Lebanon

Toufic Matta was appointed the role of Group Chief Financial Officer of Crystal Networks Holding in January 2016 and responsible for leading key operational functions including finance, treasury, taxes, and compliance in accordance with the financial strategy of the company.
Prior to Crystal Networks Holding, Matta held different managerial and financial positions. During his career, he was also appointed Executive Committee Member within Henkel, an international company, and Issa Holding, a local group.
In April 2010, Matta joined ITG Holding, an affiliate of Holcom Group where he took over the role of Group Financial Controller.
Being part of both the finance management team and the central functions team, Matta was without doubt considered a valuable business support to the groups’ Chief Executive Officer as well as the affiliates’ General Managers.
Matta graduated from Notre Dame University (NDU) in Lebanon with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an emphasis in Economics, obtained a CMA degree from the institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) in Australia and holds over 20 years of experience.

Mr. Kamel Salloum

General Manager - Corporate Solutions & Services S.A.L (CSS), Beirut, Lebanon

Kamel Salloum took on the position of General Manager of Corporate Solutions & Services in 2014.
Salloum founded Corporate Solutions and Services S.A.L in July 2014. In February 2015, the company joined Crystal Networks Holding and eventually became part of Holcom Group.
Holding more than 25 years of experience, Salloum acquired strong skills in sales, communication and management. He began his carreer as an account manager and later became a sales manager before being appointed the role of General Manager and Managing Partner of CSS.

Mr. Toufic Boustany

General Manager – Advanced Modern Company (AMC), Central Region, KSA

Since January 2016, Toufic Boustany was appointed as General Manager - Central Region of Advanced Modern Company, an affiliate of Crystal Networks Holding, where he is responsible for running operations and leading the sales functions, in Riyadh, KSA.
Before joining Crystal Networks Holding, Boustany held several positions within technical, consultancy, and managerial domains in governmental and non-governmental institutions. In November 2013, Boustany joined Crystal Networks Holding as a Business Development Manager to build a strong market position in West Africa, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.
Boustany has over 16 years of experience and holds a Master’s degree in Systems and Networks Security from Université Saint Joseph, Lebanon.

Mr. Majed Fayyad

General Manager – Advanced Modern Company (AMC), Western Region, KSA

Based in Jeddah, Majed Fayyad is the General Manager of Advanced Modern Company in the Western Region of KSA and is responsible for leading high performance teams while focusing on high efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
Fayyad holds over 20 years of experience as a senior sales and business leader, principally in the FMCG and services sectors, with particular emphasis in management, sales, business development, organizational structure and channels.
During his carreer, Fayyad worked in different countries in the Middle East in both local and multinational companies, which allowed him to acquire a diverse portfolio of solutions and cultures. He also managed a large organization with multi-million dollars of revenue.

Dr. Ahmad Sharaky

General Manager - Crystal Networks, Cairo, Egypt

In January 2016, Dr. Ahmed Sharaky was appointed General Manager of Crystal Networks in Egypt.
Throughout his career, Dr. Sharaky occupied different managerial business technology positions and was appointed Business Technology Infrastructure Lead within an international company, responsible for Africa, Middle East and CauCAR regions.
According Dr. Sharaky, “The most critical mission is to create real partnership with our customers and provide them with optimum solutions, with the highest level of quality and agility for future enhancements. I believe that we are building comparative advantage to our partners through delivering high level of innovation.”
Dr. Sharaky holds more than 20 years of experience, a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, and successfully completed his MBA in 2011. In 2015, he further obtained a PhD degree and was highly praised by his peers.

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