Mr. Johnny Saad

Group Chief Executive Officer - Crystal Networks Holding, Beirut, Lebanon

Johnny Saad is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Crystal Networks Holding and the chairman of several other companies across various sectors. Being CEO and holding over 25 years of experience, Saad is able to lead a managerial team that ensures to accomplish Crystal Networks Holding’s strategic vision of providing professional support for customers in acquiring better control and security over their IT environment while expanding into new markets.
Saad began his career in 1993 in KSA in the domain of plastic machinery and raw material trading where he later became the sole representative for major international vendors including DOW Chemicals and Borealis. As a result of being an investor in a wide range of differentiated sectors, Saad was able to diversify his business portfolio especially in the IT industry in KSA, which was when he founded Crystal Networks in 2006.
Later in 2007, he further expanded his portfolio by becoming a shareholder at Masaahat, a leading company in the Saudi market, particulary in the field of marketing and events. In 2014, Saad chose to integrate Crystal Networks Holding as part of Holcom Group, one of the biggest IT groups in the Middle East. Today, Crystal Networks Holding owns affiliates in several countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia (Jeddah and Riyadh) and Lebanon and aims to further expand into other areas in the MENA region.

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