Our Mission

In a fast changing & disruptive world, our aim is to provide our customers with Managed or On Premises IT & Security Solutions alleviating them from the operational challenges in their transformation to the ‘Digitized Enterprises of the Future’

Our Vision

To be the Oxygen for our customers in their journey towards an agile and digitized world

Our Values

At Crystal Networks, we believe that a company’s culture has a great influence on its employees’ performance and consequently its customers’ satisfaction. To empower our teams in accompanying our clients & partners in their journey to the future, we have carefully selected core values that embody the company’s spirit.

Our Core Principles

  • Respect: As a global company, serving global customers, we strongly promote respect. Starting with respect of employees/individuals amongst each other, respect of differences and respect of the environment.
  • Honesty: Openness and constructive feedback are encouraged to maintain a healthy and collaborative work environment. After all and as said by Mr. Benjamin Franklin “Honesty is the best policy”.
  • Curiosity: To stand out from the crowd, Crystal is always curious. Continuously on the lookout for new and original ideas, encouraging team members to think differently and challenge the normal.
  • Adaptability: In a disruptive world, we are encouraged to see change as an opportunity and use it to our advantage to create new solutions to any emerging situation.
  • Inclusion: To maintain a healthy working environment, the ability to speak and be heard is welcomed whereby employees from all ranks are free to speak up their minds and share their ideas.

Our timeline

Today we are a proud team of more than 100 professionals!

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